Laundry FAQ

How should I bring my laundry to you?

Bring your laundry to us any way that you would like – in a plastic hamper, in a bag, etc. Once you get here we will transfer your laundry to one of our laundry bags. When you come back we will have your laundry  stacked nice and neat inside easy to carry bags.

How much my laundry weighs?

Our scale which has been certified and tested by the Ventura County Weights and Measures Division. as an estimate a 13 gallon trash bag will weigh approximately 13 to 15lbs

Do you sort laundry?

Yes we do. If you have special instructions on how to sort your laundry please let us know at the time of drop-off. Otherwise we will sort your laundry to provide the best possible wash. If you have further questions please feel

free to ask one of our helpful associates.

Will you remove items left in pockets?

We will make every attempt to make sure laundry items do not have foreign objects remaining prior to wash. However, this is a best effort service and customers accept the responsibility for any damage resulting from items left in pockets or with laundry.

How soon can I expect my laundry back?

Laundry dropped off before 11am will be ready for pick up same day by 6pm.

I sometimes get an allergic reaction to my laundry detergent. Do you have anything to help with this?

We can use a fragrance free detergent which is available by request.

Do you fold underwear, lingerie or socks?

We will fold your all of your undergarments including underwear, lingerie and socks.

Do you hang laundry?

Yes we do hang shirts and pants.